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Image Data Collection

Imaging of the Chesapeake Bay by EO-1 were coordinated to occur in areas where Maryland DNR could perform water sampling of underflight areas.  

Maryland DNR actively monitors water quality in the Chesapeake Bay, collecting a full suite of biological parameters through use of automated fixed sites that continuously monitor water quality, calibration sites sampled monthly, and routinely performed DATAFLOW cruises to provide high spatial/temporal sampling of select tributary areas. Secchi depth readings are not taken at automated sites or DATAFLOW. We contracted Maryland DNR to provide water sampling services, and were very pleased with the service they provided. They made available data collected for their monitoring and supplemental samples collected specifically to support our project. Chlorophyll data was typically readily available, collected at both fixed sites, and using DATAFLOW. Secchi depth is collected primarily as a calibration sample, and was provided through calibration sampling and additional sampling done specific for our project. DC DOH also provided water sample data collected as part of their routine monitoring and additional sampling specifically performed to support our efforts. 

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