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Phase 2 plans

Satellite remote sensing offers the potential to provide broader, more comprehensive, less costly water quality monitoring than possible from the ground. Microtel proposes to refine available algorithms to create water quality assessments of key parameters (secchi depth and chlorophyll a) of interest to water quality managers. Water quality assessment of both lake and bay environments will be generated. Research will focus on data from multispectral Advanced Land Imager (ALI) and the hyperspectral Hyperion instruments which both fly on the EO-1 satellite. A chlorophyll algorithm using Hyperion data will be developed based on readily available approaches and refined using techniques developed by our subcontractor, the RSSIPL at UMBC. To make data available to users, Microtel will develop a GIS database, Web server, Web based map viewing tools, and map production capabilities needed for Phase III operations during Phase II. This proposal is innovative because it will determine the suitability of NASA earth science data (particularly hyperspectral) for managers concerned with stewardship of the earth's inland water resources. This proposal is significant because it will develop innovative technology that allow the routine use of NASA Earth science results in automated water quality decision support tools. 

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